Your Great Idea Starts with a Domain Name

Search for new domains and register your name before someone else does.

We Care About Your Privacy

Every domain that is purchased is registered in a database that is accessible to the public. At DreamHost, we anonymize your domain's WHOIS registration details for free.

Without WHOIS Privacy

Your personal contact details are available in a public directory. Not good.

a red alert symbol

With DreamHost WHOIS Privacy

Your personal contact details are anonymized, protecting you from being spammed.

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Multiple Layers of Privacy Protection

DreamHost privacy provides solid protection against countless threats and annoyances.

Shielded Personal & Contact Information

DreamHost's Proxy Protection replaces your contact information with our contact information.

Protected from Email Spam & Phishing

Emails sent to the proxy address are automatically (and silently) forwarded to your true email address which remains secret.

Shielded Personal & Contact Information

Unwanted callers reach an automated recording advising them to contact the proxy email listed.

What About Competitors?

We expect a lot out of ourselves to ensure your online success.

Other registrars out there charge anywhere from $10 to $30 per domain for privacy protection.

Ours is Free.

Some registrars will have an intro price on domain privacy protection, then hit you with a larger fee.

We don't.

Others that give free privacy protection don’t allow for the same treatment for transferred domains.

We do.

Need Some Help?

Whether you’re stuck or just want some tips on where to start, hit up our experts anytime.

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